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Monday, May 31, 2004

The idea of a blog...must have been some computer nerd who came up with that one. Anyway, I can't believe that all three of us actually created this for starters, and so long ago too. It just seems really weird to me. I had a good time at the grad parties, it was fun to see people again and see pictures of people when they were little. I should really get on top of all the crap i have to do for my grad party...still have two weeks though. I hope your job is going well booser(andy), and i am sure i will see you at thousands of more grad parties. Well i am goign to quit this because it is really boring and isn't hilarious at all. Anna
Kristina Anna or Andrew posted this at 12:37 PM.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

So ya we all graduated, old times were great, what will the future bring ? who knows, will we all get together & like hang out like old times.. who knows but guess we'll see! This is crap i wrote,.sorry
Kristina Anna or Andrew posted this at 4:11 PM.