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Monday, May 31, 2004

The idea of a blog...must have been some computer nerd who came up with that one. Anyway, I can't believe that all three of us actually created this for starters, and so long ago too. It just seems really weird to me. I had a good time at the grad parties, it was fun to see people again and see pictures of people when they were little. I should really get on top of all the crap i have to do for my grad party...still have two weeks though. I hope your job is going well booser(andy), and i am sure i will see you at thousands of more grad parties. Well i am goign to quit this because it is really boring and isn't hilarious at all. Anna
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Sunday, May 30, 2004

So ya we all graduated, old times were great, what will the future bring ? who knows, will we all get together & like hang out like old times.. who knows but guess we'll see! This is crap i wrote,.sorry
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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Old times were fun. .weren't they
especially all the gossip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember when....
Malec-e and Reachelia were together... there separated now .. y?? you know y..
Movies what movies..Sarah and Zach are still trying to figure out how to share popcorn & pop b4 they can watch the movies
This website was cool :)
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Friday, December 06, 2002

So like yesterday in math class I was like sittin there and malec-e like looked at me and itwas like no look I have ever seen before.. It was that look that is like the I wanna marry you and have your childern look...and I gave the look of deep passion for him.. and today he was like Reachelia so do you like wanna go to the movies or something and we can like hoold hands alll night and exchange passionate looks of "love" or like well you know those butterflies well they were like bats and notjust any bats vampire bats...but anyways that was the day i found the man I will marry.. and we will be the perfect family like the Brady Bunch..but with more kids you know because I am Catholic and with last night I Know whats going to happen.. I could feel it in my arm..the tingly-jingly feeling when we were holding hands but ya I gots to go call him so until another day
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SO LETS GOSSIP!!! HERE IT IS COMIN' AT YA!!! All the school is in a crazy frenzy over this Christmas ball jazz, and Luisa really wanted to go with Jorge. Jorge was all like,"I am the hottest guy in school, who wants to go with me?" Luisa decided to let him know she was the one that wanted to go with him by hiding little clues for him to find. The first one was a box of chocolates, and lUisa was like, "he is so going to like this you guys." The little reminder backfired, and melted on his backpack! He was all like, "Nasty, who would give me this poop-like jazz, like what is this supposed to mean? Luisa was heart-broken, but she decided she would try one more time. So like, she gave him this really mushy love letter. "like this will so work, and I is gonna have to get all jazzed up for the ball," she exclaimed. But like she totally messed up one of the words in the poem love, to be "like i totally lube you." When I saw Jorge reading the letter, he was all like, "dude, what the heck does lube mean, jiffy lube?" Then I saw him run to his homies, and he was all like, " Dudes, like I totally just won a free oil cahnge!" Poor Jorge, he was not the brightest. So like Luisa is totally stuck without a date! What should we try and do for her, like she totally is spazing!
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Saturday, September 14, 2002

So ya today I went to the movies with Sarah & Zach. Sarah was all excited before the movies because she finally got to go with Zach. All she could talk about before the movies was Zach. So we finally got into the movie and Zach said he was going to go buy some pop and popcorn. Sarah was all like "oh wait I'll come with you." So they finally come back into the movies and they have a large bag of popcorn and a large pop with 2 straws. Sarah must of thought they were going to share it. But you had to be there to see what happened when Sarah went to take a drink of the pop and grab some popcorn. Zach totally spazed out and stood up in front of the whole movie theater (which by the way was packed) and screamed "What were you thinking this pop corn is for me and I got two straws so I could get more pop out at one time" Sarah just got up and grabbed the popcorn and threw it on Zach. And the pop well thats another story you'll have to ask them about. But be prepared when asking them about the movies that they might spaz at you and make sure Sarah has nothing near her to throw. I think it taught Sarah a lesson about going to the movies with a guy. Just ask her.....
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Friday, September 13, 2002

So like today at the footbal game, Georgio went to go get pop, and then came back to the group of friends. He said 'So like I saw this really cute girl', and 'so I like bought her a dr. Pepper I'm pretty sure she likes me.' we so did not believe him. HE got mad and ran away form us, throwing a fit. He sat by himself for the rest of the football game. The next day he was fine, but any time we ask him 'like do you want a dr.Pepper?' he gets red. so, you should ask him if he wants a Dr.Pepper.It would be super funny.
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So John was eating a piece of pizza and Jeniffer was all like 'gimme that.' But John was like'go buy your own.' and then Jen goes what happened to the piece of pizza you offered me last night?' We were all like "What?!" Then jen gets up violently throws her tray in the garbage and walks away. we all just sat there and stared at John. Finally I was like "what did she mean by the pizza you offered her last night?" He was all like "never mind" then the rest of us started to laugh so he got up and walked away. So if you see john ask him about Jen's piece of pizza. it will be funny.
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